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Our Physiotherapists assess, manage, and treat acute and chronic injuries and physical function and mobility issues. The overall goal of physiotherapy is to reduce physical impairments and promote health and wellness.

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Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapists specialize in the assessment and restoration of movement and dysfunction, as well as injury and disease prevention. Physiotherapy can help treat acute injuries and a chronic degenerative conditions, aid in recovery from surgical procedures, and prevent injuries.

Ontario physiotherapists must be registered members of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, which establishes the ethical guidelines and standards of practice for all practicing physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy in Ottawa

Physiotherapists can help improve your mobility and quality of life by:

  • Providing education on the management & prevention of injuries
  • Reducing and managing pain
  • Increasing range of motion and strength
  • Optimizing balance and coordination
  • Rehabilitation following work-related and motor vehicle injuries
  • Developing personalized, goal-oriented therapeutic exercise programs
  • Restoring mobility following surgery or hospital care

Physiotherapy in Ottawa

Get Back In Motion

Our physiotherapists can help you overcome pain and injury, and get back to enjoying life.

Injuries and chronic pain can result in alterations in the way you move, and this in turn may result in the breakdown of tissues far away from the original site of injury.

Our skilled physiotherapists will perform a very thorough assessment to determine the cause of your pain and dysfunction and will develop an individualized treatment plan to assist you in achieving your goals.

Strength & Conditioning Assessment & Training Program

Chantal Goneau, PT, offers a personalized Strength & Conditioning assessment, and personalized digital workout program.  Personal Training, by a skilled Functional Movement Screening (FMS) therapist, and covered by most Extended Health Insurance Plans!

Go beyond standard physiotherapy exercise programs, and get back to your desired fitness levels, with ongoing support and regular virtual follow-up sessions, to help you achieve fitness success!

Have an Injury to Heal?

Our registered physiotherapists can develop a custom treatment plan to treat, manage, and heal your acute or chronic injury.

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