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Mental Performance Consulting

Achieving a high level of performance doesn't just rely on physical fitness. Fostering a positive and healthy mindset is critical. Our mental performance consultant provides individual sessions and workshops, in-person and virtually, to help our clients develop their skills.

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Mental Performance

Our mental performance consultant is able to help individuals to gain emotional and mental skills, knowledge and techniques and achieve and maintain optimal performance.

With these services, we assist clients in enhancing their self-awareness, understanding their thought processes, and harnessing both to lead to positive behaviours and an improved mindset.

Mental skills and techniques are transferable life skills that can be used in different areas to help individuals become more confident in their abilities, improve mental health, and reach their goals on and off the field.

Athletes, performing artists, high-performance professionals, and those wishing to unlock their potential and overcome barriers all benefit from mental performance consulting.

We help clients across Canada, via in-person and virtual sessions, so that your care and needs are met regardless of location and timeline!

Mental Performance Consulting, Motion Works Physiotherapy & Sports Performace, Nepean

Mental performance training uses sport psychology to facilitate positive change and self-growth through individual sessions or workshops. This training can:

  • Change and improve your behaviours
  • Overcome self-doubt, fear of failure, and overthinking
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve positive self-talk and positive perspective
  • Manage thoughts, emotions, and nerves
  • Block out distractions
  • Enhance focus
  • Bounce back from mistakes
  • Build resilience and deal with adversity
  • Manage stress and performance anxiety
  • Motivation and goal setting


Every athlete has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to mental skills and performance. These weaknesses hold us back from placing 1st, losing by milliseconds, or missing that game-winning play. This training focuses on what YOU specifically need to be the best version of yourself, reach your sport-specific goals, and have fewer regrets throughout your sports career!


Coaches also need coaching sometimes. There are multiple ways we can help you. We teach you to develop your leadership skills.


We can help with:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • Focus & Distraction control
  • Navigating Negotiations & Reactions

 Students ... Taking an Exam

Test anxiety isn't a figure of imagination, it's real. It happens when we feel a sense of threat that disrupts our focus and memory. We can help create a study schedule that works; teach goal-setting; work on visualization for stress management and success!

Common Questions

Learn more about Mental Performance Consulting at Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre.

  • What is a Mental Performance Consultant?

    A Mental Performance Consultant is able to help individuals to gain emotional and mental skills, knowledge and techniques to achieve and maintain optimal performance. With these services, we assist clients in enhancing their self-awareness, understanding their thought processes, and harnessing both to lead to positive behaviours and an improved mindset.

  • Is this service only for athletes?

    No, a mental performance consultant can help athletes, performing artists, high-performance professionals and anyone looking to unlock their potential!

  • What is the difference between mental performance training and counseling/therapy?

    Mental performance training is the application of counselling, psychology, and athlete performance principles to help individuals and teams enhance performance and self-awareness. Mental performance training specifically focuses on mental and emotional skills that develop a positive mindset in sport and non-sport domains (relationships, school, work).

  • I’ve been suffering with my mental health, is this something they can help with?

    A mental performance consultant is unable to diagnose or treat specific mental health disorders such as depression. However, our MPC can collaboratively work with your therapist or mental health program to ensure your sport and performance specific skills can improve and will help you reach your potential.

  • Is this service covered by insurance?

    At this time, no, this service is not covered by OHIP or insurance.  

  • What is the cost of a session?

    Individual Sessions

    Individual training sessions are tailored to your unique needs and, because of this, are the most beneficial mental skills training service. These sessions included mental skill exercises, information and materials for you to take home. All you need to bring is an open mind and a notebook.

    The price of individual sessions are as follows:

    • Initial Assessment 60 Minutes: $100
    • Individual Session 45 Minutes: $80
    • Individual Session 30 Minutes: $65
    • Individual Session 60 Minutes: $100


    Workshops are for groups, organizations or teams to improve mental skills. They involve the individual and group in interactive exercises from 1-2 hours and include tools, strategies and take-home materials. Examples of possible workshops are:

    • Introduction to Sport Psychology and Mental Skills Training
    • Accountability and Commitment
    • How to Enhance, Foster Unity, and Collaboration

    The price of group workshops vary, but use the following as guidelines:

    • Approximately $12-15 per person, or max price $150 for a 1-hour workshop.
  • What can I expect in my first session?

    The first session is intended to talk about who you are, why you are visiting, and to create a plan of what skills you should work on to reach your goals. It is intended to meet your MPC and gain rapport with each other. Your first session will last approximately 60 minutes, one-on-one, either in person or virtually/online.  Within this session there is time to start working on specific skills, but this is not guaranteed.

  • How young can I start mental performance consulting?

    Young athletes can start as early as 9 years old. Typically, this is when sports begin to get competitive and mental training could give you an edge over others. However, mental, emotional, or physical barriers related to performance can start at any age and mental performance training can improve mindset, foster positive thinking, and mental health. There is no age cap on mental performance training.

  • Do I need to come in with my child?

    Ultimately the decision is up to yourself and your child, but we do recommend being a part of the process.

  • How many sessions will I need?

    Sessions vary per individual. The usual timeframe to develop one skill is 2-4 sessions. Two sessions are to gain knowledge, understand concepts, and explore the skill during your session. The time frame between sessions are typically 1 week, for the first 3-4 weeks, so you can apply what you learned during the session into your life setting. Then a follow-up appointment to see how your progression is going, what you can improve, or how to maintain this new behavior for the future.

  • Will I have homework to do?

    Yes. Homework could be completing a worksheet/exercise for the next session or applying new techniques, strategies, or concepts into performance settings.

What can an MPC help with?

How can a Mental Health Consultant help me with and what can this look like?

  • Confidence
    • Overcoming self-doubt, fear of failure, and overthinking
    • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Bouncing back from mistakes 
    • “I feel like others are better than me”
    • “I don’t think I can do certain skills or sports”
  • Self- Awareness
    • Improve self-talk and positive perspectives 
    • Understanding how your actions affect others
    • Managing negative thoughts, emotions and feelings 
    • “I can’t stop the negative thoughts, and its inhibiting my performance”
    • “I get so frustrated with my injury, it’ll never get better”
  • Focus and Distraction Control
    • Blocking out distractions
    • Enhance focus style and techniques
    • “I get distracted so easily, and it’s hard to get back in the zone”
    • “I focus on one bad thing, and can’t let it go”
    • “I’m scared of re-injuring myself”
  • Build Resilience & Dealing with Adversity
    • “When things get hard, I want to give up”
    • “I can’t push past my setbacks”
    • “I’m so frustrated with my injury”
    • Bouncing back from setbacks and injuries
  • Stress Management
    • Manage stress and performance anxiety
    • Learn to help your children with stress
    • “I get nervous before game, competition, speech, presentation, etc”
    • “COVID has made me so anxious, I’m stressed about everything”
    • Learn how to regulate these emotions
  • Motivation
    • Motivation to go to the gym, do physio exercises
    • Motivation to create positive change in life
    • “I’m having trouble following my exercise plan or going to the gym”
    • “I don’t want to play my sport anymore”
    • “Lost competition or performance from COVID regulations, it’s hard to stay positive”
  • Goal Setting
    • Setting goals for competition or season
    • How to stay on track
    • How to set proper/ achievable goals
  • Relaxation
    • How to destress
    • How to relax before a game, competition or speech
    • Arousal regulation ( control body over or under stimulation)
    • “I have trouble sleeping/letting go of the day”
    • “I find it hard to stop my mind from racing”
  • Mindfulness
    • Imagery to calm your mind, slow overthinking
  • Visualization
    • How to visualize playing sports while injured
    • Work on pre-competition visualization to get in the zone
  • Pre-competition Planning
    • How to get in the zone
    • How to stay in the zone, and not make mistakes
    • How to reflect on performance and let go of mistakes
  • Leadership Training
    • Commitment
    • Accountability
    • Discipline
    • Handling Mistakes
    • Supporting teammates
    • Team building

Looking to improve your mindset for optimal performance?

Our mental performance consultant can work with you or your organization to cultivate positive and healthy thinking!

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