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Treatment & Therapy Options

Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre offers a complete range of physiotherapy, massage, dietary services, chiropody care, and sports medicine, for the treatment and prevention of injuries, and to improve our patients' overall quality of life.

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Physiotherapy involves assessment, management, and restoration of physical function and mobility.

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Sports Injury

Sports Injury

You can prevent injuries from occurring in the first place with regular preventive physiotherapy sessions.

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Acupuncture & Dry Needling, Nepean

Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Acupuncture and dry needling involve inserting sterile needles through the skin and tissues to effect pain relief.

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Rehabilitation, Nepean Physiotherapist


Our physiotherapists provide active post-operative and accident rehabilitation programs.

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Osteoporosis Management & Prevention, Nepean Physiotherapist


Our Physiotherapists are trained in the management and prevention of osteoporosis.

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Physiotherapy for Children, Nepean Physiotherapist

Children's Physio

Our physiotherapists and massage therapists evaluate and manage conditions affecting children from infancy through adolescence.

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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, Nepean Physiotherapist

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

We offer specialized treatments and services for pelvic floor conditions, with a focus on women's health.

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Pre-Natal & Post-Partum Therapy, Nepean Physiotherapist

Pre-Natal & Post-Partum Therapy

We can help new mothers prevent and manage a wide range of pre-natal and post-partum disorders.

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Shockwave Therapy, Nepean Physiotherapist

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy treatment is effective in producing faster pain relief and mobility restoration.

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NeuroCryoStimulation, Nepean Sports Injury Centre


NeuroCryoStimulation reduces inflammatory flare in certain injuries, and provides pain relief.

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Concussion Recovery in Nepean

Concussion Rehab

Our physiotherapists offer concussion rehabilitation to help you feel like yourself again after a concussion.

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Running Assessment in Ottawa

Running Assessment

After a thorough assessment, Physiotherapist Yvonne Mery will develop a custom treatment plan to help you overcome pain and injury.

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