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At Nepean Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Centre, we use NeuroCryoStimulation to reduce the inflammatory flare in certain injuries, providing immediate, lasting pain relief.

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During NeuroCryoStimulation treatment, your physiotherapist will use the NeuroCryoStimulation device to spray the area being treated with carbon dioxide micro-crystals at an extremely low temperature and high speed, producing a sudden, sharp drop in skin temperature.

This triggers thermal shock, which immediately inhibits and reduces the inflammatory flare.

NeuroCryoStimulation has proven to be significantly more effective than ice and other cold treatment techniques, providing a two-fold effect: immediate pain relief and lasting improvement of the condition.

NeuroCryoStimulation, Ottawa

Where is NeuroCryoStimulation Used?

NeuroCryoStimulation has been a popular form of therapy in Europe for the past 10 years, as well as in renowned hospitals and private clinics; it is even used by professional and Olympic sports teams.

The following injuries and conditions can be treated with NeuroCryoStimulation:

  • sprains, strains and muscle tears
  • arthritis
  • osteoarthritis
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS)
  • tendinitis
  • epicondylitis
  • cervical or lumbar sprains
  • lumbago and sciatica
  • bursitis
  • torticollis

NeuroCryoStimulation works by affecting the following:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased blood flow to treated tissues
  • Muscle relaxation

Experienicing Pain and Discomfort?

If you are interested in NeuroCryoStimulation as a potential treatment option for an acute or chronic injury, contact Nepean Sports Medicine & Physoptherapy Centre today!

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