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Stress Management Consultations

Stress Management Consultations

Are you finding yourself getting stuck when it comes to handling stressful situations, especially when they have to do with a project or activity you are passionate about? This is a very common issue, and one that the mental performance consultant at our Nepean physiotherapy centre will be able to work with you to overcome. Here, we explain more. 

Stress is something everyone feels. It's a natural response to the pressures we are placed under as part of our lives - especially when it comes to things like passion projects, or athletic endeavours. Stress can become an issue, however, when it begins to negatively affect out ability to do what we want to do - whether that is accomplishing our goals in a stressful environment, or having energy and willpower to do what we love after a day of managing our stress. 

When you can feel stress negatively impacting your life well after your initial feeling of it, it's generally time to seek help to manage these feelings.

At our Nepean physiotherapy clinic, we have a mental performance consultant on staff who is able to work with you to help support you in achieving your goals and performing to a high level by managing your stress - whether than be on the basketball court or in the office. 

Our Mental Performance Consulting Services

Mental performance counselling works similarly to other mental health services - it's just that the focus is on helping you perform to a higher degree be encouraging supportive and positive mental habits.  

At your first appointment with our mental performance consultant will take some time to get to know you. This includes understanding who you are, your history with the areas you would like to perform in, and putting together some goals that you have to improve your performances. 

Appointments last either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, with varying ability to include both conversations about you and your progress as well as time to work on specific skills. 

Mental performance consultations can help to focus on a number of different skills in order to support a client's goals and achievements, including:

  • Motivation
  • Self-Awareness
  • Confidence
  • Resilience and Adversity Management
  • Focus and Distraction Control
  • Stress Management

Performance Coaching for Stress Management

When it comes to the specific kinds of discussions and mental exercises that are involved in performance counselling for stress management skills, the primary focus is on assisting you in managing yours and other's stress - with a particular focus on performance anxiety. 

What your mental performance consultant will be focusing on will be situations like nervousness before playing a game, public speaking, or delivering a product presentation at work that may be negatively impacting your ability to reach your potential during those tasks. 

Alternatively, if you are finding that a particular factor in your life is causing far-ranging stress such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they will work with you to work through those emotions and stop them from negatively impacting the rest of your life. 

Examples of Ways to Manage Stress

While the strategies that may be proposed to help you manage your stress will vary depending on your specific case and context, the following are some common strategies that may be suggested by our mental performance consultant:

  • Plan Stressful Events Ahead of Time To Help You Feel In Control
  • Lighten Your Workload
  • Leave Plenty of Time to Transition From Doing One Intensive Thing to Another
  • Avoid Multitasking
  • Focus on What You Are Working On Right Now

Ask your mental performance consultant about what they think the right strategies for your stress management may be at your first appointment. 

Are you looking for assistance in managing your stress levels? 

We can help you develop strategies and skills to fuel your success.

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