Pelvic Physiotherapy

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At Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre, our Pelvic Physiotherapist provides assessment and treatment for pelvic conditions.


What is Pelvic Physiotherapy?

Pelvic physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of conditions related to the pelvic floor, or symptoms that manifest themselves in that area. Pelvic Floor (Pelvic Health) Physiotherapists have specialized postgraduate training that includes using internal and external manual techniques to evaluate the function of the pelvic floor muscles.

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Pelvic Health Consultation


In our private treatment room, your physiotherapist will start by compiling a detailed history of your symptoms. She will ask you about the many other potential symptoms you may be experiencing that can go with pelvic floor dysfunction, such as sexual function, bladder, bowel, low back, hip and tailbone symptoms.

These questions may seem rather personal and unrelated, but if there are issues in any of these areas, they can often be related to pelvic floor dysfunction.

Your Pelvic Physiotherapist may also ask you to fill out a questionnaire in order to give her a better idea of what is contributing to your specific symptoms.

Pelvic Health Assessment


Next, your Pelvic Physiotherapist will begin a series of physical assessments. The nature of these will depend on your symptoms, and may not all be completed on the first visit. 

Your physiotherapist may assess your low back, SI joints, the connective tissue of the abdomen and thighs, and/or your pelvic floor itself.

A pelvic floor assessment is an internal exam that seeks to pin point trigger points in the pelvic floor, and assess the strength of the pelvic floor.

Pelvic Health Treatment & Results

Treatment & Results

Your treatment will take place in a closed door treatment room at our clinic that is solely dedicated to pelvic physiotherapy. Your comfort and privacy are our first concern.

Once your Pelvic Physiotherapist has completed the exam, she will discuss her findings with you.

She will give you exercises or other "homework" to do, and tell you when and how often you should return for treatment.

She will explain what changes you should expect to see, and how long you should expect your treatment to take.

She will give you time to ask questions.

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